If you were brand new to the Christian faith and you wanted a firm foundation for yourself and your family, what would you need to know? This is the question we have spent several years considering. Our conclusion is that there are seven doctrines that are foundational to a mature, well balanced understanding of the Christian faith.  Foundations considers these doctrines in an easy to understand and forthright manner.

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Foundations: Developing a Well Balanced Christian Faith for You and Your Family is designed to give adults a broad overview of seven principles foundational to having a well balanced Christian faith. It is biblically based and written so it is easy to read and understand. It has been created for those with little or no Christian background in mind.

Foundations for Children has been created as a tool for children, parents, grandparents and other significant adults. It is designed to help acquaint children with basic, foundational principles associated with a balanced biblical, Christian worldview. The principles are drawn directly from The Holy Bible. These are basic building blocks upon which a well balanced Christian faith can be formed.  Foundations for Children is fully illustrated.